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Concussion Return To Play Protocol

  1. Once an athlete is diagnosed with a concussion by a Certified Athletic Trainer or other qualified medical personnel, the athlete should be seen by a physician, preferably a concussion specialist. Call (614)566-GAME(4263) for referral help.
  2. After being cleared by a physician to start the return to play progression AND being symptom free for 24 hours, athlete may begin Day 1. Only one “day” may be completed at a time and that should be the only activity performed on that day. If there are any return of symptoms, the athlete must start over at Day 1 once they are again symptom free for 24 hours. Each day before beginning activity, athlete should be questioned about their symptoms to determine if they can progress to the next step. Athlete’s progress should be noted daily on the Concussion Return to Play Five Day Progression Note.
  3. Day 1: Light Aerobic Activity: At least 20 minutes, Non Jarring, Non Impact, Closed Chain: Biking, Elliptical, Swimming, Walking
  4. Day 2: Moderate Aerobic Activity: Jogging, body weight exercises, at least 20 minutes
  5. Day 3: Intense Cardio Activity: At least 1 hour, Sprinting, Light Weight Lifting and Non-Contact Drilling
  6. Day 4: Full Practice: Full Gear light Contact, at least 1 hour
  7. Day 5: Full Go: released – Athlete may return to full activity

Once diagnosed with a concussion, the athlete MUST complete the 5 day return to play progression even if they are cleared by a physician to return to full activity.

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