There are testing requirements and curriculum requirements connected with the Ohio diploma; students must meet both requirements in order to earn an Ohio diploma.

  1. Curriculum Requirements
Comparison of High School Diplomas
Students need to fulfill all the following criterion to earn a High School Diploma
Curriculum Required State Minimum
before 2014
State Minimum
2014 and beyond
English language arts 4 units 4 units
Health ½ unit ½ unit
Mathematics 3 units 4 units1
Physical education ½ unit ½ unit2
Science 3 unitsa 3 units3
Social studies 3 unitsb 3 units4
Electives 6 unitsc 5 units5
Other Requirements
Economics & Financial Literacy
Fine Arts
N/A See Notation 6

Graduating before 2014

  1. Science units must include 1 unit of biological sciences and 1 unit of physical sciences.
  2. Social Studies units must include ½ unit of American history and ½ unit of American government.
  3. Electives units must include 1 unit or 2 half units in Business, Technology, Fine Arts or Foreign language.

Graduating 2014 and beyond

  1. Mathematics units must include 1 unit of Algebra II or the equivalent of Algebra II.
  2. The Ohio Core allows school districts to adopt a policy that would exempt students who participate in athletics, band, or cheerleading for two full seasons from the physical education requirement. Students must take another course of at least 60 contact hours in its place.
  3. Science units must include 1 unit of physical sciences, 1 unit of life sciences and 1 unit advanced study in one or more of the following sciences: chemistry, physics, or other physical science; advanced biology or other life science; astronomy, physical geology, or other earth or space science.
  4. Social studies units must include ½ unit of American history and ½ unit of American government.
  5. Electives units must include one or any combination of foreign language, fine arts, business, career-technical education, family & consumer sciences, technology, agricultural education or English language arts, mathematics, science or social studies courses not otherwise required.
  6. All students must receive instruction in economics and financial literacy during grades 9-12 and must complete at least two semesters of fine arts taken any time in grades 7-12. Students following a career-technical pathway are exempted from the fine arts requirement.

Graduation Tests Requirements

    OGT test administrations before graduation:
  • Spring of 10th grade
  • Summer between 10th and 11th grade (optional)
  • Fall and spring of 11th grade
  • Summer between 11th and 12th grade (optional)
  • Fall and spring of 12th grade
  1. How to access previous graduation tests:
  • OGT Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Science and Social Studies
  • and search keywords: released test materials.