Criteria for Honors Diploma


Comparison of Diplomas with Honors Criteria
Students need to fulfill all but one criterion for any of the following Diplomas with Honors
Subject Graduating Classes 2011 and Beyond
English 4 units
Mathematics 4 units, including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or equivalent and another higher level course or a four-year sequence of courses that contain equivalent content
Science units, including physics and chemistry
Social Studies 4 units
Foreign Language 3 units, including at least 2 units in each language studied
Fine Arts 1 unit
Career-Technical Not counted toward requirements, and may not be used to meet requirements
Electives Either 1 unit of business/technology and 2units of above or 3 units of the above subject, not including career-technical
Grade Point Average 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
ACT/SAT Score [excluding scores from the writing sections]* 27 ACT / 1210 SAT
Additional Assessment Not applicable


*Writing sections of either standardized test should not be included in the calculation of this score.Diploma with Honors requirements pre-suppose completion of all high school diploma requirements in Ohio Revised Code including:½ unit physical education**
½ unit health
½ unit in American history
½ unit in government